Where does Destiny lie?
In the mountains, trees or sky?

Is it plain view?
Or in the rivers, brooks or morning dew?

Is it in the clouds, the earth; under a rock?
Or in a book, puzzle, picture or clock?

Is destiny measured by weeks, months, and years?
Or does it shine through after much agony, suffering, and tears?

Is it in a reflection in a pool?
Or can you find it in a class at school?

Is it under a rug, in the corner of a room?
Or is it in a portrait of a bride and groom?

Destiny is easy to find;
It’s always inside your heart, soul, and mind.

Yet you must climb many mountains to find Destiny’s Peak;
For it is merely God’s way of making you complete.

Destiny is not the end, just a new beginning;
When it comes alive in you--- you’ll know you’ve always been winning…

The chase for the end of the rainbow which is much closer than you think;
Once Destiny flowers in you----you’ll have found that missing link.

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